Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Erica is a PAIN in my back; And a bit of Show-and-tell

At least, i think its her. For some reason, my back has been hurting A LOT lately. Actually, i think i know what it is. See, now that she's "crawling," we had to move her crib matress down. SOOO, i have to really bend over the railing of the crib to put her in it and to get her out.

it doesnt help that i've been slacking from doing my Pilates lately. see, doing Pilates is supposed to ease back pain, cuz you're strengthening your "powerhouse" (aka: abdominals and back). so, i started up again today... however, erica only let me do about ten minutes, b/c she got cranky and wanted attention.

ok, so now to my "show and tell" stuff. Erica had her first College Class last Thursday. She got an A+. Good for her... she takes after her mommy.

One of my favorite former professors is teaching a "Human Growth and Developement" class. Right now, they are talking about infancy. So, i took erica in. For ONE WHOLE HOUR, they watched her play on the floor. it was quite fun. i told them about how pregnancy was, gave a very undescriptive summary of childbirth, and then talked about her learning-milestones. they asked some questions. but for the most part, we just watched her roll around, sit up, play with toys, crawl/leap around the floor.

well, sleeping beauty has awakened (is that proper grammar/spelling?) from her slumber. so i must away with haste.


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