Wednesday, July 27, 2005

thank goodness she was sleepy

the past few days, my darling has been sleepy. WELL, i'm so thankful.

BECAUSE... i got to read Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I dont want to say too much, in case anyone reading this is wanting to read the book. but, here's what i've got to say about it:

*the picture STINKS! not cuz of what it looks like (its a nice drawing), but b/c of what it represents.

*Harry has quite a bad temper. but we already know that from other books.

*Cute things are happening. Gotta love love.

*You'll never guess the ending in a million years! definitely not something i predicted.

*I believe that my predictions about Malfoy will come true. What are my predictions? I think he's gonna turn good. Its the only way to have closure on the subject. Does it happen in this book? Maybe/maybe not. thats for you to figure out when you read!


Abby said...

Yeah, it was a good book. The ending was definitely surprising. I can't wait for the next book! But we probably have to wait 2 years before it comes out. Ah, well. Such is life.

Clairissa said...

I know nothing about this Harry Potter stuff... why are some people so adamantly against it? Is it witchcraft and weirdness or innocent fun?

Just curious since I know nothing on the subject! :)

Becky L said...

i personally think its just innocent fun. i grew up watching movies like "bednobs and broomsticks" and i didnt want to be a witch.
and besides, these books are SO fictional. I think kids see it as just total make-believe.
Thats my take anyway. I know I'll read it to Erica when she's old enough. But, i will make it a point to stress to her that it is indeed just fictional.

Clairissa said...

OK cool... I'll trust your judgment then.

I'm usually not one to get all "bent out of shape" over this stuff anyway, like some Christians. I too grew up watching the same types of things (Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Bewitched, etc.), and I didn't think I was a witch either (although maybe I was called that before HA HA just kidding).

I think Rob's caught part of the movie on TV, and he seemed to think it was neat. I like the Lord of the Rings, and that is "magic-y."

Maybe I will put a Watchword on it, and TiVo it next time it's on. I'll let you know what I think. And, heck, maybe I'll check one of the books out at the library!? :)

Anonymous said...

The last book should be great. Hopefully it will answer all of the questions that are in reader's minds..

On a differnt note, I read somewhere that Harry's Aunt, was actually his mother's twin and was a powerful witch as well but does not know it because her memory has been erased.....

Abigail S. said...

The Chronicles of Narnia are being remade. It kind of upsets me how so many Christians are against Harry Potter, yet they love Narnia.... I mean, the first book is called "The lion, the WITCH, and the wardrobe." Is there a difference? NO!
I think Harry Potter is great! Any author who can get kids yearning to read a 900 page book should be applauded!

Clairissa said...

Yeah anyway! I forgot about the good ol' Chronicles of Narnia!! I've heard that there are somehow all kinds of parallelisms with "The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe" and Biblical things...??? Like I guess the Lion (Aslan or some such name) was supposed to be Jesus, etc. etc. etc. Maybe that is how some people justify that.

On the other end of things, I definitely think we need to have our guard up now-a-days because evil can pop up in anything (Satan is busy), but I think people get way TOO bent out of shape to the point that they are LOOKING to point out evil in EVERYTHING. I've been learning lately from Joyce Meyer ( BOTTOM LINE we need to just go by the prodding of the Holy Spirit. If you are not being told by Him that the Harry books are bad, then READ ON... That's what I say!

And I would agree... things need to be interesting in order to get kids to read and apparently the author of the Harry books has done it. Reading is so important, and he/she has managed to captivate many children and help them learn at the same time. Good job!!

Speaking of reading being important... Becky, Reagan and I start "Little Steps" in September. It goes for like 6 weeks or so at the library... it's story time for babies. Lasts only about 20-30 minutes. Let me know if you'd like to sign up and bring Erica. We could go together... it is at our Lititz Library here (2 mins. from my house). We could make a playdate out of it... so let me know! :) Call me if you wanna talk about it.